domenica 31 gennaio 2010

Un messaggio Universale

Con l'espressione traduzione simultanea, più esattamente chiamata interpretazione simultanea, viene inteso il lavoro di traduzione immediata di un discorso da una lingua a un'altra nel suo immediato svolgersi; è un tipo di traduzione normalmente usato in assemblee e convegni internazionali per permettere a un uditorio composto di persone parlanti lingue diverse di seguire lo svolgersi dei lavori, ciascuno nella propria lingua.

We made clear idea:
Scafroglia disappeared because he did not feel valued
not brought him respect ... because this is a
country in which nobody takes seriously, whatever you do
you're still a clown ...
In that sense, because it is such a country. Our Prime Minister,
for example, work themselves to death, has a clear plan and is regularly
following him, point by point, but we are always there to criticize about gaffes
and things ... when he is doing ... is tearing Democracy,
and we're there to see that c'ha the vegetables in his teeth ...
is such a country, a country that values do not, then we are surprised if not
people go abroad, so Silvio Berlusconi said: "I will save Previti".
saved him! He made laws for legal assistance. Not that talk like that.
Made requests for assistance, made the Cirami, probably will also parliamentary immunity,
The amnesty will gravestone - total for any abuse of any type construction,
said "no longer work Biagi, Santoro and Luttazzi. Ho! They no longer worked!
Why not take him seriously?
Because everything is a farce?
There are people who work! There are people who kill as many as twenty hours a day to do ...
to destroy this country!
He's not going there to waste time!
I do not know, said: "Destroying ..." Destroyed the RAI. Ie sold RAI
to Mediaset, RAI 2 was razed to the ground! Look at things! But why not take him seriously?!
Fiat, Fiat said: "Change the manager of Fiat, changes them!
Why not take him seriously?! Oh Father?
Then this is a country where a dictator ... I say something?
Now is a relief to me, if a dictator does not wear the hat,
does not shoot in the air, you do not see the goose step out of the window, there
ration the bread, do not take him seriously! is always a clown! There is always funny ...
This is not right, and I think Mario Scafroglia suffered from this lack of respect ... consideration.

- Corrado Guzzanti - Tratto da "Il caso Scafroglia" - Liberamente traslato con ""